Month: December 2007

Sporty (ptd)

“Sport” earned her first two AKC-championship points by going WB, BOW, and BOS at the San Mateo Kennel Club on Sun, Dec 30th, owner-handled! We are especially proud to have them awarded by Golden Breeder-Judge Jeffrey Pepper. Many thanks to him for recognizing our very special girl.


Speaking of Jeff Pepper, check out the article he wrote for the AKC Gazette, which was published in the Nov-Dec 2007 GRNews ‘Field issue’. It is entitled ‘Who Needs the Breed Standard?’ and is about the importance of maintaining breed type no matter what venues one chooses to pursue with their Golden Retriever, or risk losing the very essence of the breed.

Sporty NA NAJ

Sporty completed her Novice Agility Standard and Jumpers titles out of Novice B, all with 1st and 2nd placements. Her NAJ was completed at the Fremont DTC trial in early November, and the NA at the Sacramento DTC trial in December. Sport is very dynamic in the ring– both responsive and fast. She has started to bark for her turn while waiting by the ring, though… I need to teach her to ‘whisper’!

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