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Days 24-25

video1.jpgA treat for everyone today– we took video of one of the puppies first playtime outside the box. You can view it on YouTube by clicking on the picture on the left.

(I’m not a fan of embedded videos as it makes the entire page load too slowly, and with all these pictures it’s probably slow enough already)!

More pictures from yesterday:


Puppy sofa


Day 23

Breaking news! (slightly old news, actually… oops!) The first escapee from the box was Ms. Purple yesterday, which actually comes as no surprise since she’s the Tanker Truck of the bunch. Congrats to those who guessed correctly!

The next picture is Mr. Red, taken yesterday.


3 weeks old!

It was a big day for the puppies today. Not only did the puppies turn 3 weeks old today, but they also went on their first car ride for a visit to the doggy chiropractor.

The car ride was great– as you can see, they rode together in a wire crate with Mama Sport in the crate right next to them. There was a tiny bit of whining at the start of the drive, but they settled in very quickly and after that there was no fussing, and no one got car-sick.



All the puppies got a “well-puppy” chiropractic check, by our favorite animal chiropractor, Dr. Deb Sell, DC (Next Level Animal Chiropractic). This picture is of Dr. Deb with Ms. Green (aka “Six”).

Dogs can get out of adjustment for any number of reasons, just like people. Since we ask our dogs to compete in performance events with lots of jumping, weaving, running over uneven ground, etc… we like to make sure they are in prime condition in order to avoid injury.  Our dogs have been going to Dr. Deb for years!

The birthing process itself can cause dogs (and babies) to go out of adjustment because of all the various contortions they go through, so we wanted to make sure the pups were checked out so they could start their life “well-adjusted” physically as well.

Day 21

Methinks someone doesn’t fit in the tube anymore …


Ms. Pink today…


Today the puppies got to explore a small play area just outside the whelping box.  They seemed to enjoy it, especially all the new smells.   Back in the whelping box later in the day, they played with the toys hanging above the box, chased shadows, and generally became even more active.  They must have felt pretty worldly after having been out of the box for a while.  Three of the puppies have *almost* escaped the box.  It’s just a matter of time…

Day 20

Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend! We’re starting to get some shots of puppies doing things other than sleeping. They are starting to greet us:


Lots of playing…

0035-01-284.jpg 0035-01-285.jpg

… and still quite a bit of sleeping, except now it’s harder for them to fit under the pig rails:


It won’t be long now before they will have a bigger pen to give them some elbow room!

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