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7.5 week update

Oh my goodness!  I didn’t realize how many days have gone by without a post!  It really only seemed like 2 days.

We have been super-busy around here, now that the puppies are at the peak of their activity and with our gearing up for them to go to their new homes. Our previous indoor puppy pen setup which allowed Sport free access to the puppies no longer works, as the puppies have figured out how to break out, multiple times now in the last two days.

They are all sweet, beautiful, curious little explorers with loads of confidence, talent, and joie de vivre. This warms and delights my heart, but I must admit to feeling more than a bit sad thinking that in just a few days they will not be here with us, though they will be going to wonderful homes that will love them dearly and become part of our Tigana Goldens extended family.

The latest photos aren’t ready to post yet– (it has been chaos around here!), but here are some from a few days ago for all to enjoy.

0035-03-349.jpg 0035-03-255.jpg


Auntie Lola helps out

0035-03-284.jpg Raising the puppies is no small chore!  Our Lola has stepped in to help, and Sporty seems to appreciate the extra doggy attention given to her babies.

Sporty checks in to make sure everything is okay.


The puppies love Lola.


Lola thinks, “Boy am I glad I’m just an Auntie.”


Mama Sport teaches her daughter about bumpers.


“See?  You hold it like this.  Try it!”


Tug is fun, too!  (Notice Lola with the pups in the background)


Parting photo…


Life is good – 6.5 weeks

Here I am making up for the long break in posts again! A bunch of pictures from this morning…

Funny what toys they like. Puppies playing tug with a previously-stuffed toy duck “skin”.


“I love my slide”.


Puppies enjoying their visitors, and Ms. Pink posing for the camera

0035-03-153.jpg 0035-03-199.jpg

Mr. Red loves to rest his head on any available water source.


“How about this pose? Do I look cute enough?” 🙂 (Ms. Purple)


Staying cool

The last few days were so hot that the puppies ended up spending most of the days inside, with the exception of early morning and late in the evening. While indoors they slept on ice packs and frozen 2-liter bottles (they *love* those!). Here they are staying cool this evening:



Waiting their turn on the slide…

They also got to stay cool by chomping on a frozen whole slab of beef ribs. Talk about brain freeze!

“Where’s Cooper?”

_mg_9727.jpgYou know the story “Where’s Waldo”? Click on this image to see the larger size, and see if you can find Cooper.  (when this picture was taken we didn’t realize he was there!)

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