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Happy 3-month Birthday to the ‘Famous Jingles’ litter

… from their Momma Sport (whose body is almost back to normal after motherhood).


Most of the puppies start puppy class this week, and seem to be doing very well!

New photos

Just posted some new photos of Rockie in the photo gallery.

Cooper – doing great!

A lot of people have asked how Cooper is doing.  He continues to do extremely well, despite having gone through two chemotherapy sessions so far.  His next chemotherapy session is in a week.   To look at him one would never know that he has cancer.  His energy and appetite is good, his eyes shine, and he looks really healthy.   He is as sassy as ever.

We started agility classes with him again, after the long break when the puppies were here.  He got right back into it without a hitch.  Pretty good for an 11-year old, let alone an 11-yr old with hemangiosarcoma.   We just got back from a frisbee-catching session, too.  😀

Ms. Green – “Six” goes home


(8 weeks)

This is Ms. Green, now known as “Danica” (“Dani”), named after the famous female sports car racer.

Her “Famous Jingles” registered name will be:

Tigana Calliope Drive Your Dreams

“Dani” has gone to her new home in Massachusetts, with her new best friend Pat of Calliope Goldens, in co-ownership with me.

Pat is an experienced trainer and competitor in all the Golden venues, and will be giving this little girl lots to do in the coming years!  They will have great fun together.



(10 weeks — not the best time to be looking
at puppies, but she still looks pretty darn good!)

“Six” and Jackson

I adore this picture!


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