Month: April 2009

Fast forward to 11 months…

Remember these puppies?

They were the biggest (River) and the smallest (Lucy), and the best of friends in the litter. Look at them now!

First agility trial of the year

It’s so fun to be back in agility competition again after a 6 month hiatus!  We were at the Haute Tracs USDAA agility trial in Dixon today, where Sporty qualified in Starters Jumpers and Starters Pairs – both with a 2nd place, and a Starters Standard leg with a 5th place.  In Standard she would have placed higher had she not decided to pop up and bark at me on the table– wasted a good 10 seconds of time!   We didn’t qualify in Grand Prix because she bailed off the teeter, but I couldn’t have been more pleased with the rest of the run so it really didn’t matter.

We had a *blast* today– it was totally worth taking a day off work, waking up at 4:30am, and driving 225 miles round trip for!  Lots of agility friends there– a terrific day.

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