Month: July 2009

Sport, USDAA Agility Dog

Sport completed her Agility Dog (AD) title at the Bay Team trial on July 5, completing 3 other titles along the way (Starters Standard, Jumpers, Gamblers). She also had 2 legs each in Snooker and Pairs Relay.


This video is from her Advanced Jumpers run- first leg. She was a Very Good Girl, except for the start-line stay!

Sport Advanced Jumpers run – on YouTube

just me and my dog(s)

Don took this picture of me and Sport in between agility practice runs yesterday. Sport is carrying her carrot toy. We must have 5 of those carrots at home… she loves them! Every dog should have one.


Last weekend my local Golden club hosted an Erik Strickland Grooming seminar. Sport went the first day, though there wasn’t much hands-on grooming that day so I only trimmed around two of her feet. The next day I took Lola, who has a lot more hair, and she came out of that looking gorgeous. She had a blast being the “special one” at the seminar, acted cute and silly, and made me smile all day.

It’s wonderful to be owned by Goldens. 🙂

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