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A fun day

Ronan and Thistle here.   On Saturday, we got to go meet two new friends, Arson and Xeon.   We already met their “mom” Diane during our bird testing.  She’s the really cool bird lady who shows us how to do all sorts of neat things.

Thistle: Here I am in the boat with Arson.  Bye Momma Sporty!  That’s her watching us carefully from the shore– guess she thought I might fall out, but I CAN SWIM so it really is okay!

Thistle: See, here is a video of me swimming at Croft Lake a couple weeks ago!

Ronan: And there’s our new pal Xeon in the boat, to the left of Arson and brother Thistle.   Xeon is cute and fun, and best of all she’s a puppy too!    I got out of the boat before my human mom could take a picture of me, because there weren’t any plants or cow poop to chow on in there!  (That’s Momma Sport swimming by the boat, not me.)

Ronan: We got to run like the wind, do some wading and swimming, meet weird fake ducks in the water, hear a shotgun, and the bird lady brought birds for us!  That was the best part of all.  Momma Sporty went bonkers over that, as did I.

Afterward, just for fun, our human folks decided it would be fun to do our own illustratation of the spectrum of golden colors for Golden Retrievers.  Momma Sporty is in the middle.

It was really hot out, and we were all tired, but we were good sports and let our humans take a group shot of us.  I guess I should mention we were bribed with smoked pheasant from the bird lady’s refrigerator.  Ha ha ha.  Yummy.  No way were we looking into the bright sunlight though!


We had a wonderful visit with Jamie and his people (Laurie, Bob, Kevin) yesterday!   The boys had a great time playing.   It was a bit hot out, but the pool kept the puppies and (by virtue of the splashing) the humans a bit cooler.  🙂

Here’s Jamie at 3 months old

and lots of smiling faces (Thistle, Ronan, Jamie – sitting forward of the other two)

Some pretty good fierce faces, too (Jamie and Thistle)

Jamie Jameson is a lean, lean, running machine

Otters learning to swim

This is a really cute video about how mother otters teach their babies to swim.

Visit with Chelsea

The boys got to visit with their sister Chelsea today, and had a grand time playing!  Here’s a posed picture of their happy reunion.

(l to r): Ronan, Thistle, Chelsea

Croft Lake trip, part one

The first part of our trip was fun though we had weather challenges!   Jennifer (with Rockie) and Corina (with Jackson) both came up to spend some time at the lake with us.  Our first afternoon there was overcast, but the dogs still got to do some bumper retrieving off the dock.

We expected our normal varied weather- some sun, some rain, etc. but instead got mostly storms!   Starting that night we had two storms hit — the second storm bringing gale force winds along with it.  The lake and all the trails flooded- the dock sections all floated off.

We still managed to get out for shorter walks around the lake, lots of swimming for the dogs, trips into town, and cooked lots of good meals.   We didn’t get the usual “lounging on the deck swing in the sun” time, though.

Rockie loved playing with the puppies, and also discovered his inner field dog, especially after doing a field double perfectly on his first try.

Jackson and Rockie love each other

Here’s Jackson looking doubly handsome with his reflection in the water…  click on the image to see it in a larger size.

We took a day trip out to Charleston, Oregon, where we visited Sunset Bay State Beach, and Cape Arago.

Here’s Jackson in a typical beach pose.

Rockie, Sport, and Jackson at Cape Arago.

Saw a bunch of seals at Cape Arago…

Back at the lake, the dogs did lots of shore diving (since we had no dock!)…

Here’s Rockie:



My favorite swimming head picture (L to R- Jackson, Sport, K’Ehleyr, Lola)

We went for a boat ride to the sand dunes on a relatively clear afternoon toward the end of the week.  (I’m taking the photo, and all the dogs are being held because they were upset I was in the other boat!)

More pics will be posted in a separate album– but that’s the flavor of the first week of the trip.  Until later!

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