Month: August 2010

Asilomar Beach

Levi is staying with us for a bit, and we met at Asilomar Beach in Pacific Grove for some playtime at the beach before Kristen leaves.   Neither of us had our “real” cameras, but here are a couple photos that Kristen took on her phone.  Thanks, Kristen!  (Click on the photo to see it larger).

Levi, Thistle, Ronan

Levi (taking in the scenery), Ronan, Thistle

There were lots of rocks to climb and tidepools to explore.

Beach day

Saturday was Beach Day!   First, we took the boys to meet with Jennifer and her Corgi, Meimei at Pillar Point in Half Moon Bay.  As it turns out, Meimei’s 8th birthday was the next day so it was a doggie birthday celebration for her (though we didn’t know it at the time)!   The dogs got to swim in the bay (retrieving bumpers), then walk in the ocean.

Thanks to Jennifer Chuang for the following pictures at Pillar Point:

Here’s an adorable photo of Thistle, Meimei, and Ronan at their end of their walk.

Ronan found a seaweed bulb to play with.

Here’s a rare photo of Don and me together.   It was a beautiful scene with a rocky beach and rocks in the background.  Apparently if you go there during low tide there are many tidepools to explore.

We had lunch at one of our favorite places in Half Moon Bay, the Flying Fish Grill.   The dogs were allowed with us on the patio and were very well behaved (yay!).

In the afternoon I took Sport and Lola to Seascape Beach (at least I think that’s where we were), with Jennifer and Rockie.  The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, and we were able to find a spot pretty much all to ourselves.

Here’s a shot of Sport, Lola, and Rockie.

The day couldn’t have ended more perfectly with dinner at Gayle’s Bakery/Rotisserie in Soquel.   What a gem of a place and so much good food to choose from.

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