Month: September 2010

Happy 6 month birthday to the Artisan Beer litter!

Thistle and Ronan and the rest of the Tigana family would like to wish their brothers and sisters a Very Happy 6 month Birthday!

It wasn’t too long ago that you all looked like this:

Looking forward to seeing all of you again soon!  XO


I have several posts with pictures to catch up on, but here’s the latest one first.  NORCAL GRC hosted a field training day which allows dogs to train as if they are in a hunt test.   For more information, see the GRCA website’s field education pages.

Here’s a video of Sport doing single marks that day. I was proud of her performance, particularly since we haven’t been training regularly for a long time.

One of the best parts of the day was having the puppies participate in Puppy Group.  4 of the Artisan Beer litter were there, and all had a great time getting more exposure to field work.   They all did very well– a very enthusiastic bunch.  🙂   I didn’t get any photos of the puppy group beyond the group photo, but here are some on Miche/Avalon’s blog and Kristen/Levi’s blog .

And… here are a couple of very cute group photos of Sporty and kids.  The first photo was taken by Bill Evans – Avalon’s “dad”.  From L to R:  Avalon, Thistle, Sport, muddy Ronan, Levi.

And another- this one taken by Don (Avalon, Ronan, Thistle, Sport, Levi)

Looking forward to the next one!  The next full flyer day for NORCAL GRC will be held in March 2011, but there will be picnic trials in between.   Keep an eye on the NORCAL GRC website for more information.

Treat recipes

We have been making home-made treats.  Here’s a page with some great recipes.

The tuna treats are particularly easy and make a nice moderately high value treat.

Excellent article on protein variety in the diet

This applies to raw and commercial diets:

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