Month: December 2010

Christmas tree

Most of the homes in our neighborhood have a Christmas tree outdoors, and we finally got the lights on ours today.   Ronan got to supervise the lighting of the tree.   He was very proud to have played a part!

Miscellaneous updates

First, a festive photo of Ronan and Rockie, taken during Rockie’s visit a couple days ago.   They were VERY good for this photo shoot.   A piece of Liver bark was successfully used to keep Ronan from taking the antlers off Rockie’s head.  🙂

I’m only including the next photo because I think it’s funny.   This is Ronan and Sport during a hike through Belgatos Park.  Ronan has inherited his grandfather Taram‘s tongue!  Hmm… perhaps it is better illustrated in this photo of Taram.

And a treat– here’s a photo of Chelsea at 8 months old (yellow girl from the Artisan Beer litter).   Lots of folks have asked about her, and Lynne sent a few photos last week.   She’s quite the agile girl!

The next post will be about tracking– stay tuned…

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