Month: June 2011

Bird work

Don photographed the NORCAL GRC Working Certificate test a few days before we left for the lake, so he was able to obtain a couple (dead) ducks/pheasant to bring with us to the lake.   The dogs haven’t worked with birds in quite a while, so it was good to give them the extra exposure.

We used the outlet that runs from the lake toward the ocean, which has grasses/reeds on either side, so plenty of cover, and narrow enough for me to throw the duck to the other side most of the time.   Sporty was in heaven, showing the boys the ropes.   My work with Ronan’s ‘stay’ while leaving to throw bumpers for him really paid off because I was able to move off to throw the duck, then return to position to send him.   Proud of my boy.   While he usually brings bumpers back, the bird is different and he needs work on the retrieving to hand part.  That should come as he realizes things will move along more quickly if he brings them back to me instead of to the shade or the trees.

Thistle was a great water retriever, but isn’t too keen on birds on land.  A little competition with Sport got him picking up the duck on land.  We’ll see if that holds over time.




More from Croft Lake

He did it! Well, sort of. Thistle still won’t dive off the dock, but he will dive off the float, with style!  What a Good Thistly-Dude.

2011-365/167 - Thistle

Here’s a picture from China Creek Beach in Bandon from the other day.  Can you guess which dog is in the photo?  🙂

We do a lot of hiking around here, though it has become quite a bit more dangerous this year with the boys since they run full blast wherever they go.  We have learned to listen for the sound of a thundering herd approaching, so we can step quickly to the side to avoid being crashed into.   Hopefully this is just the over-exuberance of youth and they’ll tone it down in the future!

I was very happy to catch this shot when I emerged from part of the trail.  Yep, I was the last one and everyone was waiting.

I love my sweet smiley brown girl, Sporty, who has been setting a great example for the boys this trip.

One thing about the trip this year that I could do without- the BUGS! I’m not sure what’s different this year, but we (particularly me) have been eaten alive by no-see-ums and mosquitos.  Itchy, itchy, itchy.   Maybe if I eat more bacon it will act as a natural bug repellent.  😉


Swim, swim, swim

Here we are at the lake again, a little less relaxing for us this year with two young, exuberant, partially trained (read: partially UN-trained) dogs.   It’s fun to show them the ropes, though, and have the other dogs help train them as well.   We arrived to very nice weather– temp in the low 60s, but mostly sunny.

Here are some pictures, mostly centered around swimming, of course.  The first one is Don throwing a dokken bumper for the dogs (Lola, Thistle, Sport, Ronan).  You can see the string and ball at the top of the picture.

We’ve been trying to get the boys to jump off the dock.  All our current dogs are dock “divers”, to one degree or another (K’ is now falling off the dock rather than jumping, but she doesn’t seem to mind too much).

Here’s Don encouraging Thistle to jump.

Thistle hasn’t started jumping consistently yet.  He jumped a few times yesterday, then after going underwater a couple times he stopped jumping (but he clearly really wants to).

Here are Sport, then Lola demonstrating their jumping form.

Ronan started jumping off the dock today, and is getting more confident with every jump.  Here’s one of his first jumps– not much lift, but that will come.   What a change from the puppy that fell into the lake at this time last year then didn’t want to swim.   This is the only posted photo that shows all the dogs-  Lola, Ronan, Thistle, K’Ehleyr, and Sporty.

Other than that, we’ve done a couple short hikes… some of the dogs and I got attacked by yellowjackets so I lost half a day while in a Benadryl coma.   Right now Ronan is curled up next to me on the couch, watching the fire while I type this post.

I hope you all are enjoying fun, relaxing times with your dogs as well.

New agility titles!

I’m pleased to report that Sporty earned both her Excellent A agility titles last weekend (AX and AXJ), and her son Jackson (owned/handled by Corina Marx) earned his Novice Jumpers agility title!   Both dogs were the only ones in their respective classes to qualify on Saturday in Jumpers (how’s that for a coincidence), and had placements in all their other qualifying runs as well.

Here they are, posing with their Del Monte KC new title medallions:

Sport’s agility runs for the weekend can be seen in the following links.   She qualified in 3 out of 4 runs, though the one non-qualifying run (Sunday’s Jumpers run) is probably the one I enjoyed the most!  [Sat Exc A Jumpers] [Sat Exc A Standard] [Sun Exc B Jumpers] [Sun Exc A Standard]

See Jackson’s Saturday runs.  Standard wasn’t a qualifying run because he bailed off the teeter, but they did a beautiful job on the rest of the course.   [Sat Nov A Jumpers] [Sat Nov A Standard]

Sporty is now Spiritlodge Sporting Chance RA JH AX AXJ NF WC VC CCA and Jackson is Tigana’s In Perfect Harmony NAJ CCA CGC.

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