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I love this picture that Don took of Ronan yesterday.  I applied the post-process effect in Lightroom.



This was part of an obedience practice sequence that I was doing using Ob-ility.   I had a stanchion set up to send him around, then we would go into a fast heel, send him over the jump, heel again, etc.   I also rewarded by throwing his ball or dumbbell various directions, including over the jump.   This photo was probably taken when a ball was thrown, given the intensely focused look on his face.

Mmmm… ice cream…

Hi all, Ronan here. My mom gave me something the other day called ‘soft serve ice cream’. She said it was because I was so good on our hike when it was kinda warm out and even the doggies should have some. Rockie’s mom got him one too. We were hiking together at the Land of the Medicine Buddha.   It’s a really nice place to hike but there are parts where we have to be very, very quiet.

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In the 14 years I’ve been feeding a raw diet to the dogs, I’ve almost never had to brush the dogs’ teeth because chewing on meaty bones tends to keep the tartar off.   However, I noticed recently that the boys have more tartar than I’d like on their premolars.   My vet recommended CET Oral Hygiene Rinse 8 Ounce.   (<- That’s a link to Amazon, which is a heck of a lot cheaper than the one I bought at the vet’s office).   (BTW, my vet’s typical recommendation for clean teeth is a raw diet combined with the oral rinse when necessary.)

Since I wanted the tartar off faster, I also purchased the CET Enzymatic Poultry Toothpaste and a toothbrush (but was smarter and bought it on-line).

After 1.5 weeks of rinsing and brushing Ronan’s teeth once almost every day, the tartar is more than half gone.   I just do a cursory brushing since it’s not easy to maneuver around the tongue and teeth.   After the tartar is gone, I may stop the brushing and just use the oral rinse occasionally.  We’ll see how it goes.   Ronan loves getting his teeth rinsed and brushed.   Next is Thistle’s turn– we’ll see how he likes it.

Incidentally, I tasted the oral rinse and can’t say it’s that pleasant tasting, but it isn’t too bad.  The dogs don’t seem to mind it.  I did not taste the poultry flavored toothpaste… yet.   😛

Ronan and Thistle are 3!

Time flies, and the boys have turned 3!   Happy Birthday to our handsome guys, and to the whole Artisan Beer litter.  We love you all!


Here’s a picture of our pack today. Lola (11 yrs), K’Ehleyr (14.5 yrs), Thistle, Ronan, and Momma Sporty (7.5 yrs).


Las Trampas hike – Mar 3, 2013

We hiked in gorgeous Las Trampas Regional Park in San Ramon.  We got unexpectedly good weather, and the vistas were beautiful, though visibility was not perfect that day.

Las Trampas
Ronan says “life is good”!


See the whole photo album on our Shutterfly site.

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