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Long time!

I’ve been reminded that the blog needs some attention, not to mention the website needs updates, such as the addition of the boys.   Hopefully I’ll make that happen soon.  🙂

Sport earned two legs toward her (and my) first competitive obedience title (photo taken by Steve Southard of Southard Photography).

Ronan got all his preliminary clearances for hips, elbows, eyes, and heart.  Woohoo!

Here are some recent photos of hikes and playtime.

Sport, me, and Ronan (wearing his Ruff Wear Swamp Cooler coat).  It really works to keep him cool.

Lola posing on a high place, as she loves to do:

Sport and Ronan playing at the NORCAL GRC fun match at Kirigin Cellars in Gilroy.

Thistle completed one session of a beginning agility class where they are learning fundamentals.  Here’s a little video of some of the things they did the first few weeks– they have progressed quite a bit since then, but I only have early video.  Exercises are: cones for practicing sending/front crosses, lead out-jumps, box training for learning contacts, circle work.

New agility titles!

I’m pleased to report that Sporty earned both her Excellent A agility titles last weekend (AX and AXJ), and her son Jackson (owned/handled by Corina Marx) earned his Novice Jumpers agility title!   Both dogs were the only ones in their respective classes to qualify on Saturday in Jumpers (how’s that for a coincidence), and had placements in all their other qualifying runs as well.

Here they are, posing with their Del Monte KC new title medallions:

Sport’s agility runs for the weekend can be seen in the following links.   She qualified in 3 out of 4 runs, though the one non-qualifying run (Sunday’s Jumpers run) is probably the one I enjoyed the most!  [Sat Exc A Jumpers] [Sat Exc A Standard] [Sun Exc B Jumpers] [Sun Exc A Standard]

See Jackson’s Saturday runs.  Standard wasn’t a qualifying run because he bailed off the teeter, but they did a beautiful job on the rest of the course.   [Sat Nov A Jumpers] [Sat Nov A Standard]

Sporty is now Spiritlodge Sporting Chance RA JH AX AXJ NF WC VC CCA and Jackson is Tigana’s In Perfect Harmony NAJ CCA CGC.

Sport, USDAA Agility Dog

Sport completed her Agility Dog (AD) title at the Bay Team trial on July 5, completing 3 other titles along the way (Starters Standard, Jumpers, Gamblers). She also had 2 legs each in Snooker and Pairs Relay.


This video is from her Advanced Jumpers run- first leg. She was a Very Good Girl, except for the start-line stay!

Sport Advanced Jumpers run – on YouTube

First agility trial of the year

It’s so fun to be back in agility competition again after a 6 month hiatus!  We were at the Haute Tracs USDAA agility trial in Dixon today, where Sporty qualified in Starters Jumpers and Starters Pairs – both with a 2nd place, and a Starters Standard leg with a 5th place.  In Standard she would have placed higher had she not decided to pop up and bark at me on the table– wasted a good 10 seconds of time!   We didn’t qualify in Grand Prix because she bailed off the teeter, but I couldn’t have been more pleased with the rest of the run so it really didn’t matter.

We had a *blast* today– it was totally worth taking a day off work, waking up at 4:30am, and driving 225 miles round trip for!  Lots of agility friends there– a terrific day.

Open Jumpers course

Sport completed her Open Jumpers (OAJ) title last weekend (!!!), and this was the map of the course:
Parts of the course I’d like to improve: I over-managed the triple to the weaves (9 to 10), sending her to the right instead of rounding nicely into the poles.  Lost a bunch of time there.

Also I’d like to clean up the sequence of jumps from 11 to 15.   Sport was hauling from 11-13, so her take-off point on jump 13 was very far back, causing us to go really wide from 13-14.   I’m not really sure what the ideal handling for 12-14 should be given the setup (with jump 1 set up there as well).   Hmm… time to set up the Ready Jumps!

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