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Ronan and Thistle are 3!

Time flies, and the boys have turned 3!   Happy Birthday to our handsome guys, and to the whole Artisan Beer litter.  We love you all!


Here’s a picture of our pack today. Lola (11 yrs), K’Ehleyr (14.5 yrs), Thistle, Ronan, and Momma Sporty (7.5 yrs).


Tracking congrats to Jamie and Rigby

Congrats to Laurie and Bob Rollins on finishing Jamie’s TD (Tracking Dog) title on Feb 3, 2013!   Jamie is from the Beer litter and is now Tigana Blackwatch Cream Porter TD.

Jamie TD

Videos of his “textbook” track:

Pt 1 Jamie’s track:
Pt 2 Jamie’s track:

And Congratulations again to Bob and Laurie because two weeks later, they earned Rigby’s TD from the Fab Four litter.   Rigby is just 8 months old and a very strong tracker- his registered name/title is now Calliope Tigana Cream Tangerine TD.  Jamie was also in this test and earned his second TD title.

Here’s the happy group:

Rigby and Jamie


Fremont Older hike

I took Ronan to meet with Lynne and Chelsea (Artisan Beer litter) for a hike at Fremont Older.   My GPS seems to have skipped a part of the hike, so I think we hiked a little over 6 miles today.  Not bad considering I thought we’d only be going about 4 miles. The map is pasted below.

Here’s a cute picture of Ronan and Chelsea at Hunters Point about halfway into the hike.

View Fremont Older – 02/21/2012 2:34 PM in a larger map

Obedience brags!

Last Sunday was a fun Tigana family event at the Mission Bell Obedience trial.

  • Sporty finished her CD title from the Novice A class under judge Alice Peterson.  Woohoo!  She finished her title with two 1st places and a 2nd place.
  • Ronan did very well in his first trial, earning two Rally Novice legs.
  • Avalon (Ronan’s sister, owned by Miche Evans) earned her final leg to complete her CD from Novice B.  She was a superstar and finished in 3 out of 3 trials.  She also got a 2nd Beginner Novice leg.
  • River (owned by Meigs Matheson), made his debut in Novice B, and ended up with a score of 199+ (!!).  What a team!

Here are Sporty and Avalon in their mother-daughter title photo:

Sporty – Spiritlodge Sporting Chance CD RA JH AX AXJ NF WC VC CCA (ptd)
Avalon –  Tigana’s Glastonbury Golden Chalice CD

Next is a video of Ronan’s Rally trial on Sunday, where he earned a 4th place and score of 96.   We could have had a 99 if I hadn’t started the serpentine exercise incorrectly.

Next is a photo of Meigs and River in the “Heel Free” exercise.

Cute photo of Avalon and Miche.  Ava is clearly happy to have Miche returning to her after the Sit-Stay exercise in Beginner Novice.

Lastly, it seems appropriate to show Sporty in the Long Down exercise, which had been our nemesis the last couple trials.

Speaking of long stay exercises, I have started working toward the out of sight sits and downs exercises for Open, using Karen Overall’s Relaxation Protocol with both Sport and Ronan as structured practice for staying and relaxing through distractions.   We just finished Day 3.    An example of something that made Ronan excitedly pop up out of the stay yesterday was my counting out loud, and also clapping.  Today those things didn’t phase him.  I think these will be good exercises for us.

See Miche’s blog post for more about the trial.  Congratulations, Miche and Meigs!

Dock diving sequences

We took some of the dogs dock diving, and Miche/Bill/Avalon/Sammie were able to join us on an impromptu trip to Hollister.   Don put together some diving sequences for each dog, which I’m posting here.  Click on the photo to see the larger image.   Sammie’s isn’t done yet (Don’s done with pictures for today!), but I’ll add it when it’s done.

Here’s Ronan, with me handling.   His jumping style earned him a place in Don’s photo-a-day project on Flickr.

2011-365/190 - Happy (Dock Diving Dog)

Here’s Sporty, with me handling, but you’d never know it because I threw the bumper from way back on the dock.  This isn’t her best jump in terms of distance as she took off about 3 feet before the end of the dock, but it still shows off her stylish form.  🙂

Here’s Thistle, with Don handling.  He jumped!  We were very happy with how he did, especially since he didn’t feel confident enough to start jumping off the dock at the lake until the last day.   He didn’t want to stop jumping.

Here’s Avalon, with Miche handling and Bill/Sammie watching from the sidelines.   Ava hasn’t jumped off a dock before, to my recollection, but she ran right up the steps and jumped right in by herself the very first time!


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