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River (Tigana’s Land Of Sky Blue Waters BN RE CGC)

River debuted in obedience in 2010 and earned his Beginner Novice title in style, with 1st and 2nd places in large classes. Congratulations to Meigs and River!

I recently found out that River is “featured” in a real print birthday card, maybe sold in a store near you! 🙂 Here it is – River is front and center (1st row, 3rd dog from the left), with Meigs’ older dog Reilly next to him (1st row, 2nd dog from the left), and our friend Ann’s girls Libby and Elsie above him (2nd row, 1st and 2nd dogs from the left).   This was taken at their dog camp in Tahoe.

If you want to buy the cards on-line, go to Palm Press, and shop under Birthday Cards.  The link I’ve added goes to the page the card is currently on, but I don’t think it will stay that way.


New agility titles!

I’m pleased to report that Sporty earned both her Excellent A agility titles last weekend (AX and AXJ), and her son Jackson (owned/handled by Corina Marx) earned his Novice Jumpers agility title!   Both dogs were the only ones in their respective classes to qualify on Saturday in Jumpers (how’s that for a coincidence), and had placements in all their other qualifying runs as well.

Here they are, posing with their Del Monte KC new title medallions:

Sport’s agility runs for the weekend can be seen in the following links.   She qualified in 3 out of 4 runs, though the one non-qualifying run (Sunday’s Jumpers run) is probably the one I enjoyed the most!  [Sat Exc A Jumpers] [Sat Exc A Standard] [Sun Exc B Jumpers] [Sun Exc A Standard]

See Jackson’s Saturday runs.  Standard wasn’t a qualifying run because he bailed off the teeter, but they did a beautiful job on the rest of the course.   [Sat Nov A Jumpers] [Sat Nov A Standard]

Sporty is now Spiritlodge Sporting Chance RA JH AX AXJ NF WC VC CCA and Jackson is Tigana’s In Perfect Harmony NAJ CCA CGC.

Party time!

We held our puppy birthday party for both litters over the weekend, held at ARF (Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation) in Walnut Creek.   The entire Beer litter and their families were there (Avalon, Chelsea, Jamie, Levi, Ronan & Thistle), and from the Jingles litter we had Jackson and River.   At the last minute Rockie wasn’t able to make it, and was missed.

Here’s the “official” group photo which we took at the end:

2011-365/134 - Party!

And, here’s a collection of what I think are all the pics from the party, from Don, Kevin, Bob, Kristen (taken by her dad), and Bill.

And here’s my little (slightly unsteady) video to remember the party by:

Good times!

Happy Birthday to the Jingles litter!

Dear “Famous Jingles” puppies Samantha, Jackson, River, Rockie, Lucy, Danica,

Happy Birthday!  I can’t believe you are 3 years old!    I’ll always remember you this way, our beautiful happy puppies lounging together in the grass on a hot summer day, playing in the water, lying on ice packs, running up to pull my hair (sigh)… and having a grand time.

May you all have a wonderful 3rd birthday with your loving families.  Make them give you steak!  🙂

-Christine (and Momma Sporty who adds that a rousing chuck-it ball retrieving session would be in order, too…  “at the beach!”, says Auntie Lola)


Bits and pieces

I’m finally posting some pics/videos from recent adventures.

Ronan and Thistle wait for us on the hill during our hike in Marin County:

Then a couple days later, Thistle and Ronan had a play date with brother Jamie:

R&T also got to play with brother Levi briefly that same afternoon. We were unsuccessful getting a brilliant group picture, but here’s a still from a video which I think is cute.

Then we (with Sport, R&T) attempted to spend an afternoon at Limantour Beach with Corina/Jackson, but it was so cold, windy, and rainy that we only lasted 1/2 hour! This is the only record of our trip.

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