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Mmmm… ice cream…

Hi all, Ronan here. My mom gave me something the other day called ‘soft serve ice cream’. She said it was because I was so good on our hike when it was kinda warm out and even the doggies should have some. Rockie’s mom got him one too. We were hiking together at the Land of the Medicine Buddha.   It’s a really nice place to hike but there are parts where we have to be very, very quiet.

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Las Trampas hike – Mar 3, 2013

We hiked in gorgeous Las Trampas Regional Park in San Ramon.  We got unexpectedly good weather, and the vistas were beautiful, though visibility was not perfect that day.

Las Trampas
Ronan says “life is good”!


See the whole photo album on our Shutterfly site.

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Pre-Spring flowers

The spring flowers are out at Fremont Older, and I snapped a few pictures with my phone.   The photos are clickable to see a larger size.

Jennifer and I tried a different hike through Fremont Older yesterday which took us along Stevens Creek Reservoir.  The total hike was a little over 8 miles, and the dogs were allowed on leash on all of it.  Here’s the map if you’d like to see the route!



Fremont Older hike

I took Ronan to meet with Lynne and Chelsea (Artisan Beer litter) for a hike at Fremont Older.   My GPS seems to have skipped a part of the hike, so I think we hiked a little over 6 miles today.  Not bad considering I thought we’d only be going about 4 miles. The map is pasted below.

Here’s a cute picture of Ronan and Chelsea at Hunters Point about halfway into the hike.

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Sunol and more

Today we (Don, me, Sport, Thistle) joined Corina/Jackson for a 7.5 mile hike at Sunol Regional Park.   Our trail map is below, taking the following trails:  Camp Ohlone Rd > McCorkle > Canyon View > Indian Joe Creek > Cave Rocks (beautiful view) > Cerro Este > Camp Ohlone Rd .   At some point along Indian Joe Creek, we stopped to lay a short track for Thistle on a hillside, going over a fallen tree on part of the track.   He did a splendid job, finding the articles easily.

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We were remiss in taking photos, but here’s one that Don took of Thistle at his dirtiest, after rolling in cow patties a few times. This was taken from the highest point of our hike, close to 1700 feet.

In other news, we just finished Day 9 of the Karen Overall Relaxation Protocol. Sport and Ronan are doing very well with it. I can see a difference in them… they rush to their mats when it is time to start, and are starting to relax more during the sit or down-stay instead of being on full alert the entire time. I’m sure they think I’m being quite silly as some of my tasks today involved my stretching, jumping, clapping, and touching my toes.     At this point I’m also going out of sight for up to 25-30 seconds.

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