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Merry Christmas!


Lazy weekend

I’ve been sick since Thursday afternoon, so the dogs are just hanging out at home with not much to do.  Fortunately the weather is nice, and Sport in particular has spent much of the weekend sunbathing.   I did some of that myself, just to get some extra Vitamin D!

poop bags

sigh… sport has taken to bringing (unused) poop bags to me while i’m sitting at the computer. one at a time, a bag of bags, blue ones, brown ones, yellow ones… i have a pile of poop bags sitting on the table next to the computer.   i put them back at the end of the evening, and the next day it happens all over again.

think she’s trying to tell me something?

Eggplant arrived

I was very excited to receive the Orbee eggplant toy today referenced in my previous post.  It is like a big, lighter-weight Kong toy and you can put a treat inside it for extra interest.  The girls all enjoyed playing with it this evening.  Sporty now knows the word “eggplant” and will bring the toy.   I love it!!  Silly, I know.

Eggplant dog toys?!

Most people that I’ve shared meals with know that I’m crazy about eggplant.  OK, I don’t like ALL eggplant dishes, but I *love* most Chinese/Indian food that contains eggplant.   In fact, writing this post is making me very hungry.  I have all sorts of eggplant-related items.  Imagine my surprise when I received an advertisement for an Orbee Tuff Eggplant dog toy today.  What?!!!!!   You’ve got to be kidding me!

Of course I had to order it.  Hope the dogs like eggplant too.  🙂  Click on the eggplant to buy one for yourself.

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