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Ronan and Thistle are 3!

Time flies, and the boys have turned 3!   Happy Birthday to our handsome guys, and to the whole Artisan Beer litter.  We love you all!


Here’s a picture of our pack today. Lola (11 yrs), K’Ehleyr (14.5 yrs), Thistle, Ronan, and Momma Sporty (7.5 yrs).


Thistle in agility

Don and Thistle started off their agility competition career with a few titles in quick succession- NA, NAJ (Novice agility titles), and OAJ (Open agility Jumpers).   They need another qualifying leg to complete their OA.  Hopefully this will happen in May when they start competing again.

Here’s a video of a very muddy Thistle finishing his Open Jumpers title:

And a photo of the happy guy waiting on the pause table in Standard:


Sunol and more

Today we (Don, me, Sport, Thistle) joined Corina/Jackson for a 7.5 mile hike at Sunol Regional Park.   Our trail map is below, taking the following trails:  Camp Ohlone Rd > McCorkle > Canyon View > Indian Joe Creek > Cave Rocks (beautiful view) > Cerro Este > Camp Ohlone Rd .   At some point along Indian Joe Creek, we stopped to lay a short track for Thistle on a hillside, going over a fallen tree on part of the track.   He did a splendid job, finding the articles easily.

View Sunol hike – 1/29/12 in a larger map

We were remiss in taking photos, but here’s one that Don took of Thistle at his dirtiest, after rolling in cow patties a few times. This was taken from the highest point of our hike, close to 1700 feet.

In other news, we just finished Day 9 of the Karen Overall Relaxation Protocol. Sport and Ronan are doing very well with it. I can see a difference in them… they rush to their mats when it is time to start, and are starting to relax more during the sit or down-stay instead of being on full alert the entire time. I’m sure they think I’m being quite silly as some of my tasks today involved my stretching, jumping, clapping, and touching my toes.     At this point I’m also going out of sight for up to 25-30 seconds.

Long time!

I’ve been reminded that the blog needs some attention, not to mention the website needs updates, such as the addition of the boys.   Hopefully I’ll make that happen soon.  🙂

Sport earned two legs toward her (and my) first competitive obedience title (photo taken by Steve Southard of Southard Photography).

Ronan got all his preliminary clearances for hips, elbows, eyes, and heart.  Woohoo!

Here are some recent photos of hikes and playtime.

Sport, me, and Ronan (wearing his Ruff Wear Swamp Cooler coat).  It really works to keep him cool.

Lola posing on a high place, as she loves to do:

Sport and Ronan playing at the NORCAL GRC fun match at Kirigin Cellars in Gilroy.

Thistle completed one session of a beginning agility class where they are learning fundamentals.  Here’s a little video of some of the things they did the first few weeks– they have progressed quite a bit since then, but I only have early video.  Exercises are: cones for practicing sending/front crosses, lead out-jumps, box training for learning contacts, circle work.

Dock diving sequences

We took some of the dogs dock diving, and Miche/Bill/Avalon/Sammie were able to join us on an impromptu trip to Hollister.   Don put together some diving sequences for each dog, which I’m posting here.  Click on the photo to see the larger image.   Sammie’s isn’t done yet (Don’s done with pictures for today!), but I’ll add it when it’s done.

Here’s Ronan, with me handling.   His jumping style earned him a place in Don’s photo-a-day project on Flickr.

2011-365/190 - Happy (Dock Diving Dog)

Here’s Sporty, with me handling, but you’d never know it because I threw the bumper from way back on the dock.  This isn’t her best jump in terms of distance as she took off about 3 feet before the end of the dock, but it still shows off her stylish form.  🙂

Here’s Thistle, with Don handling.  He jumped!  We were very happy with how he did, especially since he didn’t feel confident enough to start jumping off the dock at the lake until the last day.   He didn’t want to stop jumping.

Here’s Avalon, with Miche handling and Bill/Sammie watching from the sidelines.   Ava hasn’t jumped off a dock before, to my recollection, but she ran right up the steps and jumped right in by herself the very first time!


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