Samantha Ferguson (5/7/2008-11/22/2017)

Samantha, June 2008

Samantha, June 2008

One of the best things about being a dog breeder, besides getting the chance to love and raise baby pups, is placing the pups with wonderful families and getting to follow their lives together.   Sometimes I even get to see and spend time with them. I love all the stories, pictures, and videos – birthdays, holidays, hikes, pool time, training, antics, and even the occasional “no, no, bad dog” story.  I love that “my” baby puppies are bringing the joy and companionship that we all as dog lovers desire.

Sam, Ed, and Paula one Christmas

Sam, Ed, and Paula one Christmas

There is the inevitable downside- getting that dreaded phone call that something has happened… something that I can’t help to fix with suggestions about the vet, food, training, or ear cleaning recipes.

That something happened this week.

I am so sad to report that we have lost Samantha, Ms. Purple, “One”, Tigana’s Sixpence Worth of Heaven.  She was the first of Sport’s puppies born, in the Famous Jingles litter.  She was apparently healthy, active, and doing fine, but died suddenly the day before Thanksgiving, while in the park retrieving a tennis ball.  The vet’s best guess was that Sam had a blood clot that caused a heart attack; there was no indication of internal bleeding.  My heart breaks for Ed and Paula, who are absolutely devastated.


Samantha over the years

As a baby pup, Sam was the one in the litter that was always watching me, and we had a special bond because of it.  I cried for a week after she left here, though she was in good hands with Ed and Paula.  My heart filled with happiness as I saw the pictures of her swimming in Lake Tahoe at 9 weeks old.  She lived in Las Vegas but traveled to Tahoe, Arizona, Utah, and sometimes back to the Bay Area, so Don and I were very happy to get to see her several times.  Paula and Ed sent pictures and stories about Sam.  I learned about cholla cactus after Sam got stuck by the cholla a few times.

Photo: Aeon Jones

Photo: Aeon Jones

Sam, like her mom Sporty, loved to find, carry, and bring things: keys, glasses, groceries, socks… as Ed said, “you name it, she’ll bring it”.  She was Sport’s biggest female pup, at 23″ tall and 70 lbs of muscle. She was an active girl;  besides her daily 3 mile walks, Sam was practically an olympic swimmer and would swim daily in their pool for an hour at a time without stopping.  I seem to recall her fur turning green one summer!  She was quite affectionate and went everywhere with Ed and Paula.

Our deepest condolences to Ed, Paula, and family.  Rest in peace, Sam…  You were well loved, and are sorely missed.  Somehow I suspect you may be swimming circles around everyone at the Rainbow Bridge.


Memorial photo from Ed and Paula’s family

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  1. Thank you. Beautifully written! Sam was also featured on a Trader Joe’s greeting card shaking it off after one of her swims. She will be missed .
    Stacy (Samantha’s big sis)

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